Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Memories...what would we do without those memories?

It's true, I was singing!

I saw this on other's blogs and I love it! I sure hope everyone can come up with a memory we have shared. Yes, yes I am begging.

Here are the directions:
1. Add a comment on my blog of a memory or two that you and I had together. It can be anything fun that you remember. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot or not at all, just put any memories you have.
2. Re-post these instructions on your blog. Try to keep it going on your blog with your friends!

Yay! Should be fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a wonderful world...

That’s how my mom started her last blog post so I figured it was only appropriate to start mine that way as well. This last week I have been reminded that we really do live in a wonderful world but also a very unpredictable world. My mom and dad found out last week that my dad is in stage 4 kidney disease. There is no real answers as of yet how long his kidney’s have been progressing on a downward path. His doctor did say that he was not far from stage 5 which is kidney failure. As my mom mentioned he will be going through a battery of tests over the next several weeks and when he goes back August 25th to get the results of these tests he will likely be put on a transplant list. My dad was extremely sick when I was around 10 years old and because he is a fighter he made it through with real strength. During that time, even though I believe I was close with my dad I really missed out on a lot. My dad lived about 3 hours from us and we did not get to see him often. Honestly until I became older I didn’t understand how sick my dad really was or even how much I really missed out on. Here is why I believe our world is wonderful. I get to thank God every day that he gave me and my dad the opportunity to grow closer. Now my dad is EVERYTHING to me. He is seriously so amazing; it’s hard for me to consider that my dad has trials ahead because he has always been “invisible” in my eyes. In the sense that nothing can touch him…maybe that’s his superhero power! I thank God every day that I get to be with my dad this time during these next trials. My parents are so amazing…to them they just look at this as another bump in the road that dad will get through and as mom said “live life normal and plan to do the things they have always wanted to in their own way.” In my heart I too know that everything will be ok. My mother-in-law Diane donated one of her kidney’s to her sister Cathy over 20 years ago and God bless Cathy, that kidney helped her live more of an amazing life. Our trials could be so much worse and I remind myself that constantly. I really am so lucky to have such an incredible dad!!!