Monday, July 28, 2008

A Blog About Nothing…Or Something…

So I don’t generally like to talk about myself (it’s true, this point can be argued); I can’t help it this time because I’m super…yes super excited! I’m in school right now majoring in accounting and I’m working really hard. Zach keeps forgetting he’s married because he’s so lonely. Poor fella’…I did marry a patient one. Anyway, they have been giving me more and more responsibilities at work (I work in accounting as well) and finally it turned into an official promotion! I just became the Staff Accountant. I’m very excited because it’s just confirmation that what I have been working so hard towards is paying off. That is all…

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh Cute!!!

Okay so I went to dinner last night with one of my favorite friends that I haven’t seen in sooooo long Lizz Pizza. She is having a minor quarter life crisis…we all have them. Maybe I had mine at 12 and it was called a 1/7 life crisis but I’m thinking it was the same thing. Unless that was me going through “the change”. Anyway, we decided to drive downtown and get our ears pierced. We have both had it done in the past but for one reason or another we took them out. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and now we have BFF piercings! Everyone is Lizz’s BFF! J/k. I love you Lizz and I’m glad I finally got some time with you!

This is us in the car after we did it!
This is a close-up (obviously).

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Right or Wrong?

Okay so I think I need a little feedback. The whole growing up crap that I’m going through has really started to become overrated. Since I got married we bought a town house so that’s a responsibility I don’t particularly care for. You know the whole payment shiz and then there’s decorating and cleaning…and everything I’m no good at. As if that wasn’t enough. Zach thinks he has to go and mature beyond his young 27 years. Sometimes I call him dad because he acts so grown up. I’m not completely prepared for it. So my question is this…If you were at a restaurant where they have tables that they seat more than just your party and you were the last at the table and you happened to look at someone else’s bill is that a problem? I am by nature a fairly nosey person. Not in the sense that I care what others are doing so I can judge because I don’t. I really could care less what people do or how they live their lives…I’m just curious. I live vicariously through others through People Magazine and US Weekly. To my point I suppose. Tonight Zach and I went to Tepenyaki for my birthday and we sat next to this very nice couple. I could tell their big agenda was money. That’s all they talked about throughout the entire dinner. She spilled on his shirt (can’t tell ya how that happened) and she said, “oh babe, I just spilled on your Versace shirt.” Seriously? Seriously? Seriously? Was that so necessary? How about the standard classic, “oops, sorry about that!” When they left Zach and I were the only two left at the table…hell, I think we were the only two left in the restaurant. I couldn’t help myself. I can’t explain why but I was so curious if they were good tippers. I took a glance around and when no one was watching I opened the black book to see what kind of tip they left on their credit card receipt. Immediately Zach gave the little dad snap, “Sara, you don’t do that!” Oh really dad, don’t I? I just did. I asked him why that was wrong and he couldn’t really say. He said, “it just is.” So I have to ask my peeps…was that so wrong? I didn’t look at their names or bank info…just the tip. In case anyone was wondering they weren’t fabulous tippers….standard 20%. Thanks Versace shirt wearers for not making me feel cheap!

Happy 4th of July...Belated!

In “Sara fashion” I’m going to start making all of my blogs belated. It’s my goal. From now on I’m not posting any of my updates on time. Lucky for me, it’s called “Sara fashion” for a reason. The beauty of my goal is that I don’t even have to try. I absolutely HATE when people are late with things and for some reason I can’t seem to do anything on time. Hmmmm, I think they call people like me hypocrites. What to do…what to do. So I wanted to post about my 4th of July! By the way, happy belated 4th of July. We had so much fun. Zach, me, Cori, Brandon, Launa & Teiha all drove to Casper Wyoming for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary! It also doubled as a family reunion. Usually when we do a family reunion on my mama’s side it’s on the 4th of July weekend. Anyway almost everyone that came stayed in the same hotel and it happened to be the hotel the party was at! It made everything very close and convenient. I haven’t seen this side of my family in 4 years! It was soooo good to see everyone. We always pick up right where we left off. I’m technically the “step” grandchild, cousin, niece on this side of my family and I love them more than they will ever know because they have never made me feel “step”. In fact I don’t think I have ever heard a single one of them ever mention that word! I can’t even think of a time in my parents’ marriage where “Marcy” – my mom – has ever introduced us as her step kids. And to me Marcy has never or will never be known to me as my step mom. I'm so lucky to have two moms! How amazing is that? We didn’t see fireworks this year but we did have a lot of fun. Jarod and I were BEST friends in high school and since I have moved back to Salt Lake we have naturally drifted apart. Only in the sense of how often we talk and small things like that. Oh, and I only get my butt smacked once a year now instead of 8 times a day! Don’t ask…or judge…please! We will always be incredibly close. Anyway, he and Lindsay flew up too and so it was fabulous spending time with them. It’s good to spend more and more time with Lindsay. I did learn this weekend that I wasn’t exactly welcoming to her when she became a part of the family. For that I feel really terrible. I didn’t realize how protective over Jarod I was. He picked a good one though; she keeps in right in line! I am so grateful for my GIGANTIC FAMILY from all over the place. I sure wish I got to see more of everyone. I love you guys so much!
Dad & Teiha. He is such an amazing grandpa! Though I don't know first hand because I don't have kids and for that I'm pretty sure I just got taken out of the will.
Grandma & Grandpa. Such a great example of what true love is.
Zach & me Dad & me All the kids minus Kyle (he sadly couldn't make it) The whole immediate family (minus Kyle)