Friday, June 26, 2009

My Atlanta Trip...Finally!

I’m finally writing about my trip to Georgia to see my family. It’s been all too long and I fear this post could be just that, all too long. Pull up a chair, kick your feet up (unless you’re me and you have no flexibility left) and relax!

I got to Atlanta late afternoon on Friday the 15th. Right when I walked out of the airport mama was there pulling up. It’s like our minds were synced perfectly for timing. Shocker! We didn’t waste a second. We started getting caught up right away on what’s new…there wasn’t much. We talk all the time. However, apparently we couldn’t shut our yaps. We were so preoccupied with talking that we almost died. I know, I’m generally a dramatic person so you may not believe me. I’m not even kidding though. See the pictures for proof. Or at least imagine these pictures are proof. We were at a red light right behind a train track. The light turned green and we were going to turn left. There was a truck or van that had to go through the light first though so we could yield to them. They WOULDN’T go….Mama was getting so annoyed. He just kept pointing at something our way. Um okay dude, we can’t read your mind – go or we’ll cut you off and go ourselves. Pregnant girl on board must get to a bathroom. We went, he flashed us and honked (I believe, that could be my dramatic nature making things up, but I really think he did something). RIGHT after we drove over the train tracks and turned left we heard the train. We narrowly escaped the wrath. We looked back and the warning bars were already down with the flashers going full speed. We have no idea how we got through the tracks without getting hit by the bars coming down. The kind man in the vehicle, what – he is kind now, that wouldn’t allow us to yield to him was pointing at the train!!! Oh we laughed.laughed.laughed. Mama asked me not to mention anything to dad, why bother with a lecture? We know where we went wrong! It lasted a day, we couldn’t keep it from him!

This is the light that we had to turn left at, apparently he didn't want to get hit by a train!

These are the tracks that dad narrowly escaped having to add our memorials to.

This might sound like I’m being judgmental but I assure you I am not. I’m simply stating the obvious. Atlanta is a country all on their own. Ask Teiha. Though, I love it out there the culture just isn’t the same. We went to Dairy Queen the night I got there – or another night, who cares – we literally couldn’t understand the sweet woman. She was so nice she even told us to “hab a goob bay.” I think that’s what she said. It was a nice change from the Dairy Queen in Asheville where my bully worked. Ugh, my parents sent ME every time to get our after dinner ice cream because they loved watching me get threatened, my bully really wanted to beat me up. Rude…way rude.

On Sunday Jarod and Lindsay invited us over for a BBQ. First we were going to an event that Lindsay had put together for the new company she is starting. Mama bought me a pedicure – heaven, and Jarod and Lindsay bought mama a manicure for Mother’s Day. It was a good time relaxing and eating a bagel…and by “a bagel” I mean several bagels. Well, me anyway! Before we went into Atlanta though we stopped at Babies R Us because my sweet parents wanted to buy my pack n’ play for Kenleigh. It’s soooo cute, I can’t wait to show pictures. Unfortunately for pops it took a while in the store…and luckily for him they had a million gliders that he could sleep in. Right as we were getting ready to leave father decided that he wanted to share with the rest of us what he concluded after many minutes of lying in the glider. His exact words to the rest of us, “I bet a lot of pregnant women shop here.” Could we start calling him captain obvious – or is that too obvious?

I had so much fun while I was there. I missed Zach and got a touch home sick for him but I’m glad I went. Thanks mama for helping me FINALLY complete my registry. I didn’t even come home and delete it either this time. I love you guys so much!!