Monday, March 16, 2009


So Zach and I cheated today and went to Fetal Foto to find out the gender of our sweet baby. I’m sure you can tell by my new background that we are having a girl!!! I’m so excited, words cannot even begin to describe. All you mothers know what I’m talking about. I had a hunch from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I was having a girl. We were sitting at dinner in Cancun and a friend said, “oh it’s a boy!” I’m sure he was trying to keep Zach pumped. We bet $10 right there and then because I just had no doubt in my mind that he was wrong. Today he found out he has to pay up on his bet! Anyway, I hadn’t imagined that when the ultrasound tech said we no longer have to call her a shim because she’s a girl that I would be surprised. I mean I’ve known all along. The words just shot from my mouth, “I told you so Zach” followed by tears galore. It was INCREDIBLE to put an identity to my sweet little child. We knew right away that if we were having a girl we are going to name her Kenleigh Mae. Zach’s not sold on the spelling because he thinks that’s too hard for a little 3 or 4 year old to learn to spell. How cute is he, already thinking ahead! Then there is me, sure she might have a tough time spelling it but when she learns cursive can you imagine the cute signature!? Ha ha ha!! Of course the first people I called were my parents in Georgia, I started crying all over again. Since the day I said “I do” and I knew I finally found the man I would spend the rest of my life with I have never felt so AMAZING as I do on this day! I’m not even sure that’s the word. I never imagined I could feel so complete. I swear I have been feeling her kick (or punch) for a couple of days now, but I knew it could be anything because it’s still so early. The ultrasound tech had no doubt it was her that I have been feeling. She was soooo active I couldn’t stop laughing. Her feet kept kicking my uterus during the ultrasound. It was very obvious she wanted her presence known. Zach called her a (please excuse the language) camera whore. He said she’s already just like her mom. Oh, he’s sweet, ha ha! Below is a picture of sweet Kenleigh Mae Howarth!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's a.....dunnn dunnn dunnn.....

…I really have no idea what we’re having, well what I’M actually having. I say “we’re” because sweet Zach helped make the little dude or dudette, but I suppose he won’t be having anything…until it’s his (which I suppose it already is) and then he’ll HAVE a child. In the meantime, I’m not sure what I’ll be having…I just wanted to practice for next week when I do find out what gender our sweet buttercup is!
I’m doing this post strictly for my mama! She would like an update over the last month of pregnancy and she also wants to see a “baby bump” picture. Against my will I’m giving both. Against my will because I’m incredibly ashamed to say pregnancy thus far has chosen not to agree with me and for that I’m afraid I might be too negative. Admitting the problem they say is the first step so I’m hoping I keep some of the negativity to myself. Incase I don’t, please attribute it to hormones. Yes, hormones. The picture is against my will because I’m 16 weeks and look 40 weeks. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic. Though, I’m generally not a dramatic person so some will likely agree with my assessment. Though if you do please do not post it on my comments. My darling cousin Brooke is around 23 weeks pregnant and she posted a picture of her at 20 weeks along. I swear to you all you cannot tell she is pregnant. Many of you know who she is so I’m sure you’ll pause your reading and go compare her picture to mine below. However, those of you who don’t know her please do not search my blog list to compare pictures. That’s rude! I have several scientific reasons why she looks so little. 1 – I’m a lot shorter. 2 – she has experienced this before. Oh whatever, every blog has to have someone to analyze things. So let me get you started. #2 is actually a lie. They say the more kids you have the sooner you start showing. I know, I know. I guess I’m in denial. So I guess I only have one scientific reason why I’m a touch bigger in the belly and to be honest I’m not even sure I’m shorter than her. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that she is in incredible shape. I’m guessing she has abs of steel and they are helping her hold her sweet boy in, or that she is a marathon runner, probably craves healthy food…etc. It really has nothing to do with any of those reasons. I think she just has good genes. Yes, it’s my genes. Scientific reason #2 – I have bad genes. Brooke – I hope it’s ok half my post is about your cute belly. I hope you’re flattered at any rate!
So my update…I’m almost 16 weeks along. We find out next Monday what our baby’s gender is. I’m sooooooo excited. We do already have names picked out. I hate to write them for the world to see because I can’t guarantee they are official but I’m thinking so. Maybe I better wait just in case though! Since I found out I’m pregnant I have lost 14 pounds. I’ll find out Wednesday at my next appointment if I’ve put some weight back on. I’m guessing I have though. OOOHhh speaking of, I think that gives me reason #3 – go back a few posts in my blog when I talked about starving Zach (accidently of course). I think I learned back then that malnourished people tend to bloat. I’M BLOATING, there you have it! What a relief! So anyway, I thought around 13-14 weeks that my morning sickness was going away so I decided to stop the anti nausea medication. Two days later I thought I was dying. How dramatic does that sound? Again though, not a dramatic person. Turns out I had a lucky two days. I just can’t imagine I’ll be sick for an entire 40 weeks. No one is that bad in life right? I’m looking forward to the day of consistency and feeling good and I know it’s coming! FAITH!! In the beginning I used to talk to my little dude/dudette and ask Shim to not make me so sick! Later I had an ultrasound where Shim was flipping me off. I don't think I flipped my parents off until at least 16 and even then Iit was behind their backs. Sorry parents! After that I let Shim do what Shim chooses because I’m afraid of its wrath. Good parenting huh? I also think it’s inappropriate to call it Shim because that could give Shim a complex. I don’t speak it aloud and until Shim learns to read I’m not all that concerned. If however, you are concerned and you think I’m already starting out on a bad parenting track, again, please attribute it to hormones…oh and also please do not post that part on my comments. I did, for everyone’s enjoyment, post the ultrasound picture of Shim flipping us off! I cannot imagine anyone would disagree with the fact that we are blatently being flipped off. Ok I’m done. I’m sorry I was negative. I don’t really think I’m fat. Well I do, but what girl doesn’t? I also do not mind the sickness because my parents always say they would do ANYTHING for their kids and I tend to think I’ll agree. I already know I’ll do anything for Shim and if it means being sick for a few nine months I can handle it!

Sorry about the glare!