Saturday, January 30, 2010

5 Months Old!

Another month has come and gone. Kenleigh is getting so big. This month has been so much fun. I’m sad to see it go so quickly! It’s been amazing to watch how quick Kenleigh is learning new things. Kenleigh still has really bad acid reflux. She was diagnosed last weekend with chronic reflux. Whatever that means. She still struggles from time to time eating her bottles. She now has a ton of phloem in her chest. The doctor says it’s all part of the reflux. She coughs a lot because of all the phloem and seems congested often. Apparently it’s all related. Poor girlie. She’s on Zantac twice a day and Prevacid once. We haven’t noticed a difference since she started Prevacid. We’ll give it a month and if no change we’ll take her back off. Below are more fun milestones.

  • She rolls from front to back and back to front all the time. We used to have to entice her with toys to get her to roll on to her tummy but now she just does it. Sometimes she does a full 360 but usually surprises herself when she does.
  • She’s holding all her toys really good now and she definitely has some favorites. I’m a complete sucker and buy her several new toys a week.
  • She loves to stand. She does really well in her exersaucer.
  • Now everything she picks up has to go in her mouth for a taste test…even mom’s hair!
  • Just today she finally ate some rice cereal without spitting it all back up. She did really well. We gave her a half tablespoon for dinner and it was just enough. She’s still really small so we’ll see if the extra calories makes her put on the weight or not.
  • She babbles non-stop. She has picked up yelling in fact. Now when she is mad she doesn’t resort right to crying. She first yells to get her point across…if that doesn’t work then bring on the tears.
  • She started doing a new thing where she sucks her bottom lip in then spits it out over and over.
  • I have a feeling the binki will be going away soon. She never keeps it in her mouth very long. When she does have it in she’s always taking it out to play with it and can’t figure out how to get it back.
  • She is getting more and more hair and it seems to be staying red.
  • Her eyes are officially GREEN. So cute!

Kenleigh in her exersaucer. She is wearing her little camo outfit from Grandpa! She loves it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Four Month Appointment and More!

Munchkin had her four month appointment on Monday. We weighs 12.9 oz. (25th percentile), 24” long (50th percentile), and her head circumference is 41.1 cm. (50th percentile). Still a little long and lean but all in all very little. Her pediatrician said it was just fine though and she is within normal range. He said we could start solids anytime now. He mentioned it could help with her reflux. Not necessarily looking forward to that stage so I haven’t started yet. I lie, we did try rice cereal a couple nights ago. We literally couldn’t get it in her mouth. Guess she isn’t ready. Her reflux is still pretty bad – doc did up her Zantac prescription and it has helped.

Today Kenleigh woke up from what is normally a three hour nap after only 30 minutes and started screaming. It was a cry of pain I just couldn’t pin point her pain. She cried literally non-stop for an hour and a half…we both cried for some of it. I knew she wasn’t hungry, her diaper was changed, she was tired but she’s never had a problem falling asleep even if I don’t stay on top of the nap. It was a cry to tell me she was in some sort of pain. At least that’s what it seemed like. My heart broke the entire time; I cried with her because I didn’t know how to make her better and that killed me. My sister Cori mentioned she thought KMae might be teething. I don’t see anything at all. I always thought 4 months was a little early. She doesn’t have swollen gums or anything. She does have a few other symptoms but who knows. So taking Cori’s advice I gave KMae some origel. She stopped crying within seconds and continued her 3 hour nap. So sad. I’m not sure if she is teething or not but I certainly hate thinking she’s in pain.

The picture below is for my dad. It’s her 3 month appointment after she got her shots. The nurse gave her a hot pink camo band-aid! I knew dad would love it. The last pictures are some porcelain shoes my really good friend Sue made for Kenleigh. They have her name, birth date, and birth stats on them. They are in the color of her nursery. Sooooo freaking adorable! The rest are just some cute pictures!

Pink Camo Band-aid! I can't imagine her any cuter! Loves getting baths Liker her daddy, turns blue when she's cold! AMAZING!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I can’t say I’m sad to see 2009 go because I’m anxious to see what’s in store for 2010. I can’t imagine our life slowing down at this point. 2009 was definitely the best year of my life. It was very good to us. I can’t say that pregnancy was really my thing but I can say that what followed definitely was. Kenleigh has been a huge blessing in our lives. She makes every day one trillion times better than ever before; and we had a good life before. It’s now just that much better! I hope for 2010 I can be pregnant again and --- NO WAY…totally kidding! I really do hope that we can just continue learning about our little girl, remain in good health, and in good jobs! Happy New Year!