Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Husband is Incredible!!!

So Zach had his 8 week doctor’s appointment for his hip on Friday. The appointment went SO good! Dr. Hawes (Zach’s Hawesome Doctor…..ha ha ha ha I’m laughing at my own joke) told Zach the break couldn’t look better. He said he actually could no longer even see the break. There was one part of the pelvis that broke off when the femur came out of socket (well most the femur, the rest was sheered off by the pelvis) that he couldn’t fix because he couldn’t find the broken bone inside him and he wanted to limit the amount of metal that went in; anyway, he said that part actually filled itself in which isn’t very common. Go Zach! So Dr. Hawes told Zach to wean himself off crutches within the next week during physical therapy. When we got to the parking lot Zach tried to put full weight on his leg. He said it was hard because his leg felt like jell-o. Literally less than 2 hours later he called me at work saying he was walking normal with full weight and no crutches. He’s insane. He hasn’t touched the crutches since and I’ve never seen him happier….besides our wedding day when he was ecstatic….mmmmm hmmmm! The doctor told Zach he could play basket ball within 1-2 months but not at full speed. Zach is giving himself 3 months so he can just concentrate on working out to the fullest and going back, excuse me but, “balls to the wall”. Then I’m thinking he’ll make himself eligible for the 2009-2010 NBA draft! Ha – he can dream…we can dream! MONEY and a job he loves, who wouldn’t want that? Anyway, I just needed to brag a little. I’m so proud of his recovery and I think I did more complaining than he did!

I'm thinking this face is saying, "if you take one more picture of me I'm going to throw our computer through a window so you can't blog anymore!"
This is him at the physical therapist's office making his first appointment!
Yay for recovery!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Steps...

It’s true, I can’t stop smiling. Who knew that a trip to the grocery store could be soooo much fun? As I once mentioned I am not a chef…heck I am not a cook…who am I kidding I can’t cook a bowl of cereal. Maybe that’s my first problem. I don’t think you are supposed to cook a bowl of cereal…are you? Just kidding; maybe I don’t give myself enough credit. Okay so I don’t cook and it’s probably something I’ll never pick up…or don’t intend to pick up anyway. I do however do a mean load of laundry, I can vacuum like a maniac, and I can even clean a toilet better than Mr. Clean himself. Anywhoo, since I don’t cook I’m not always sure what to buy at the grocery store. Zach has never liked grocery shopping but I think about 3 months into our marriage he learned if he didn’t come with me to help pick food out he probably wouldn’t eat. Bless his sweet sole. I love when he comes to the grocery store with me. He is such a big help. Ha ha, I make him sound like he’s 3. He really helps though because he gives me such great ideas. Well, I think I’ve told you all that 8 weeks ago Zach broke his hip. Life has pretty much been at a stand still because there isn’t a lot he can do right now. Onto the good news…He FINALLY came shopping with me again. I was so lucky because he was not really up for the embarrassment of…See Below:

Yes, that’s right – THE SCOOTER! Ha ha ha ha ha, he is so freaking cute. He just rode along with me on his little scooter. I should say on his man scooter. I mean this was no ordinary scooter; I can’t explain why but just trust me. Zach will kill me when he sees this post. The entire time we were there he was bright red with embarrassment. I honestly almost felt bad for asking (making) him come with me. He kept saying, “Sara people can’t even see a cast, they probably think I’m faking.” It was darling!

This is us just about to leave the store. I MADE him take pictures and he was dying. He was so embarrassed. In fact my excitement carried on the whole way home and his embarrassment continued as well. I danced and sang and danced and danced…and sang and danced! He finally said, “do you only do things like this to embarrass me?” Ha ha, good thing he knows he can’t get away from me now! I love him so much and I especially love his willingness AND patience to put up with my insanity!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Belated Father's Day!

So in Sara fashion I’m posting a touch late for Father’s Day! I just wanted to tell my dad and all the dad’s in my life happy father’s day. I want to start off by telling my father-in-law thanks for everything he has done. He has raised such a special man (by special, I don’t mean short bus) for me to marry. Randy is always so calm and quiet so when he talks our ears naturally perk up because if words are going to come out of his mouth they must be good. Randy and I bonded almost right away after meeting. He likes to hang out in his room and watch fishing and for some reason that just didn’t sit right with me. Why would he want to be alone when he could hang out with me? Looking back I realize now he didn’t want to be in his room but knew I was coming and ran….fast! Don’t worry I always tracked him and watched fishing with him. By year 2 I think he thought I knew so much about fishing he wanted to take me on his next journey. He also learned I knew very little, if not nothing; I just read a lot online before I got to his house. My dad, grandpa, & brother have always called me Mae and once Randy found out my middle name I don’t think he ever stopped. Now in turn I call him Allen (his middle name). Randy, I just wanted to say thanks for welcoming me into you family with such wide open arms.

Onto my grandpa’s. I have the best grandpa’s a girl could ask for. I remember when I was little my Grandpa Cheney always let me sit on his lap and he would let me sit there for days if I wanted to. He has the loudest most contagious laugh that we grandkids couldn’t help laugh when we heard him. My parents split when I was very young and grandpa always made sure every chance he got to make sure I was doing okay. He’s always been excepting of my life and I appreciate him for that. My grandpa Morrell also has a special place in my heart. We lived with him for a brief period in my childhood (don’t worry, thanks to that I got the lead in my 2nd grade musical. My career just skyrocketed at that point. Well up until the end of 2nd grade anyway.) and he always did what he could to make us feel like it was our home. Then there is my grandpa Quick. What a man. My dad and mama were married when I was very little but still old enough to know that I wasn’t born into his family. If I didn’t know any better though I’d think we were blood. He also has called me Mae since as far back as I can remember and I know that’s a special bond we have. I don’t feel he has ever treated me any different than his other grandchildren and for that I am so very thankful. I love my grandpa’s so much and I hope they all know that.

Last but not least…another saying I use but I hate. My fabulous father. I have always heard that a girl looks for someone that reminds her of her dad to be her future husband. In my case this was just not true, but that’s only because I already had the spot filled. My dad and I are absolutely identical in personality. No matter what the occasion is if my dad and I are together for too long we are bound to have some silly argument at some point in time. They usually only last 2-5 minutes but they are there and they are tense. I was just talking to Zach about this 2 nights ago. Zach has gotten to spend a lot of time with my dad for the most part but it’s usually for some occasion so there are a lot of other people around. It hasn’t given my dad and Zach the quality time that I think is important they have. We went to GA for Spring Break this year and spent several days with them without a bunch of other company. When we left Zach’s exact words to me were “I had no idea you were the spitting image of your dad, you are identical in personality.” Of course he threw the word “personality” in because we don’t really look a like. Dad gave me all the good looks! Ha ha. I’m kidding, no I’m not…well, yes I am. To finish his quote he said, “no wonder you fight, you're constantly fighting for attention.” That hit the nail on the head. My dad and I are both very dramatic people when we want to be and it just happens that when we are together is when we both choose to be dramatic. My dad is who gave me my sense of humor. Granted it's not always appropriate but it's there thanks to him! I lied when I said Zach wasn’t like my dad. He’s just like him in all the ways that are important to me. He has such integrity, pride, love for me, and so many more qualities I couldn’t be more thankful for. Dad, thanks for showing me that I deserve the best in everything I do and everything I want and strive for. Because of you I will never sacrifice. I love you so much and hope you always remember that.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


So I have the most amazing story to share with you guys. My sister Cori called me a couple days ago to tell me this and I about died. She works at a family practice clinic and a few weeks ago this guy came in and she was getting all his vitals and whatever and as she was puting him in his room to wait for the doctor he told her that she had such a familiar sole (a lovely sole I'll add). When he was leaving the office he told her that she is so great and he would just love to work with her every day because of her cheeryness (is that a word?). Anyway, this man came back in last week to bring his mother who had an appointment. Cori is the one that roomed her so she got to sit and talk to them again. He kept telling her that he felt like she shared the same sole with someone that he knew. She didn't want to ask who because what are the odds she would know the person anyway. Well he told her the name Sara Cheney. She said she almost fell to the floor. Before she could get a word in he said "you look nothing like her, but I feel like you share a sole." How incredible. She told him that we were sisters and that for the longest time we haven't even been together because I had lived in North Carolina and not long after I moved back Cori moved to California. I loved this story because seriously what are the odds that someone would put the two of us together. We honestly look nothing a like. There are pictures below for those who need reminders on what we look like. So it turns out that this guy is the owner of the company that I work for. He came up to my desk today to tell me the same story. The funniest part is that he knows me by Sara Cheney and I only worked there for like 2 months with my maiden name. Should I be offended? Great, now I think i'm offended. Well Cori had her tonsils out yesterday and her right sinus rebuilt (or something, I really don't know the exacts because I'm definately medically challenged) and I was feeling sad for her so I came home and started going through pictures. These are what I found...

This was taken in the summer of 2003. It was the first time I went to visit her in California. Brandon was out at Sea for the Navy and we were clearly not in our right minds. I love doing make-up so I begged her to let me do her make-up. She nicely obliged as long as I let her put lipstick on me (something I will never wear). I nicely obliged. Remind me that at some point the obliging must come to an end or we end up looking like this...

I'm not sure what went wrong but I'm pretty sure Cori had something to do with it. We were laughing so hard that we went to the neighbors (I think around 1 a.m.) to have her take pictures! Cori, that was rude of you!

Cori, this is dedicated to you. I hope you feel better soon. I love your guts!