Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yay!! I’m finally writing a blog. I’ve been so busy with finals that I haven’t had time to write anything, nor have I had any motivation. Audrey, this is for you…now when are you going to update? I know finals are over, don’t kid yourself.
Zach and I went with some friends to Cancun for a week this last week. The each day on the trip one of us would say to the other couple “so, are you going to want to be our friends after this?” ha ha…we had soooo much fun. I’ll tell you EVERYTHING that happened but that means it’s going to be a looong blog. Dad says I can talk and I’m showing him it’s true.

The front of our hotel

The view from our balcony
When we got there we checked into our hotel and we were early for dinner so we decided to just walk around and acquaint ourselves with our new surroundings. There were Iguanas everywhere. They were huge too!

We walked to one of the big markets where they sell things and Preston, one of the people we went with, allowed me to believe that I could barter with anyone. He said that I could literally name my price and they would sell me whatever I wanted. Are you kidding me? Is it true? I’m here to tell you it’s not true. I wasn’t even shooting low on my prices because I was feeling bad for these people and they seriously kept laughing in my face. “You too low, you gotta let me make money. You are crazy, you don’t know what you’re buying here…this is real cotton…” Blah! I didn’t buy anything because I couldn’t even believe they laughed so hard. Rude. The next day we went on this boat tour where you take a speed boat through the “jungle”, maybe 16 miles they say, to this place where you go scuba diving. Let me tell you what an experience that was. I have always loved water. I love going to the lake and wake boarding and swimming and everything that comes with it. I lived not far from a beach for many years and to my knowledge I would always get in and have me a swim. Well, here we are in this gorgeous ocean about to scuba. Don’t you worry…I jump in the water and I’m pretty sure my scuba gear isn’t even on, therefore I have yet to put my head in the water. Yep, sure enough I see a shark. I start screaming, “Shark. Shark.” Zach grabs my arm and tells me to calm down. There aren’t any sharks. Ok so maybe I didn’t see a shark but I’m pretty sure at the time I thought I did. Then all of the sudden I realize there are tons of fish right next to me…uh duh…what did I think we were going scuba diving to see? Sunken ships? I started crying and really wanted to go back to the boat. After Zach calmed me down again I got brave and continued with the scuba experience. It really was an amazing experience and I’m so happy that I did it. I come home to find out from my mom that when we went to the beach I was scared of the ocean then too! Oops… The next day we went zip lining through this most incredible jungle I have ever seen. It consisted of 11 zip lines through the jungle 120 feet off the ground. I am deathly afraid of heights…I know, you’re thinking it seems I’m afraid of everything…it’s true, I am! I graciously let our guides know that I was freaking out and they took such good care of me! It was the most fun I’ve ever had. After we zip line they take you on a mountain biking trail. It was neat but the only thing I learned from that is I hate exercise and that’s why I’m getting fat. Now that’s not a very good life to live. I just have to figure out what to do about it. Most likely call the Mendenhall’s for help and learn to run or something! I’ve noticed Stacey and Ryan have gotten pretty good and I’m thinking there could someday be hope for me too! Anyway, the mountain bike trail took us to this sink hole or “cenote”. It was several hundred feet deep of natural water, no salt. It was amazing. There was a zip line that you could take in, but there was quite a drop. I never got in because it had snakes and…well…it had snakes! Later that night my amazing friends entered me into a singing competition. Don’t worry, I won. Yep it’s true. I know dad, I’ve been trying to tell you it’s my calling. I mean sure it wasn’t about who sung the best, it was about who knew the most songs, but is that really the point here? We did so many things this week scuba, zip line, boat tours, mountain bike, lay out, eat, swim, boogie board, almost get killed by the boogie board, bleed because of almost getting killed by the boogie board, convince myself a shark would find me if I’m bleeding in the ocean, run out of ocean, trip on rock, get stung by something that’s not right (that was Zach by the way) and it was such a good time to just get away from reality…work, school…um, well work and school! The locals in Cancun are so much fun to be around and they teach you so much. We asked so many questions and they were always gracious enough to educate us. I learned on this trip that I’m not graceful and I had many injuries not necessarily worth discussing. Know that I’m ok and we made it out alive. However, the plane ride home was horrifying and I’m embarrassed to say that I cried. So what you guys learned from this trip is that I’m a crybaby. You can also take with you that I have the most patient husband on earth who will get me through anything with so much love and attention I wouldn’t know what to do without him. It’s good to be home and eating good food again!

Some random snake we found at the mall named "Tiny"