Thursday, December 31, 2009

4 Months Old

I can’t believe our munchkin is four months old. I can’t be sure because I’m not going to go back and read but I’m pretty sure all my monthly posts start out that way. Seriously though, time is flying. She has changed so much from when we brought her home. Zach and I were comparing her four month pictures to her one month picture and cracking up. We don’t go to her four month appointment until Monday so I’ll post her stats then. In the meantime here are some fun things she’s been up to.

  • Her hands are in her mouth constantly. We will be relaxing and all the sudden we hear this extremely dramatic sucking noise. Turns out it’s just KMae.
  • She talks a ton…she talks and talks and talks. She is so interested in what we have to say and she shows that in her responses.
  • She has rolled from her tummy to back. She has started trying to roll from her back to belly. It’s so cute, she puts her feet in the air and then they fall to her side. This puts her almost over the edge. She has technically done it once in the middle of the night...oh it scared me. I heard her crying in her crib so I went in and she was face down. She was swaddled so she couldn’t use her arms to get her back over. Oh, worst feeling ever! We tried to stop swaddling her and that then became the worst night ever. She’s back to swaddled and in her sleep positioner.
  • She loves her daddy to sing the peanut butter jelly song to her. If anyone is curious how the song goes call me. It’s seriously so funny! He even does a dance to it.
  • She has discovered her toys and loves to play with them...and put them in her mouth.
  • She loves to stand. She will do it all the time if someone is there to hold her.
  • She still loves her swing.
  • She is very random in her sleeping. She does great some nights and terrible other nights. There isn’t yet a pattern so we’re not sure what direction we’re heading. I do try to remind myself when I’m up in the middle of the night with her that I’m lucky. I’m lucky I even have the opportunity and I’ll take any extra time I can get with her. Especially now that I’m back at work.
  • She is the world’s worst eater. She takes 30+ minutes on a good day to eat 4 ounces. Though, it seems others have better luck with feeding her. I have tried to move up to level two nipples but she’s so dramatic. She chokes so badly and I give in every time. Zach says we need to stick with the level 2 long enough for her to get used to it but I jump ship!
  • She’s still tiny. I can’t wait to see what her weight and length are. Everyone that sees her says she is very narrow for her length. That could be due to her terrible eating…not sure. I’m really light and dainty so maybe she gets that from me. OR NOT!
She is just a joy to be around. I think Zach and I say "she's so cute" about 8000 times a day and we find it still doesn't get old. We laugh constantly with her...the smiles never end at the Howarth household. Good times!

Kenleigh's First Christmas

I’m sad to say I didn’t really get any pictures for Kenleigh’s first Christmas. What kind of mom am I? I’ll answer that…I’m the kind of mom that didn’t get any pictures of her daughters first Christmas! I guess we didn’t miss much. It’s not like she was opening presents all day! On Christmas Eve we went to Zach’s parent’s house. That has become tradition and I quite enjoy it! Zach, me, & Kenleigh got some great gifts. It was so much fun to hang out with all the family…Ok the fun part is actually watching all the little kids. They get cuter and cuter. When we got home we got KMae ready for bed and surprised her with one last present. My brother Jarod and his wife Lindsay want all their nieces and nephews (so far only nieces) to open their gift from them on Christmas Eve. Kenleigh was so excited…and by Kenleigh I mean me! Kenleigh made this year so much more exciting. It almost made it harder to wait on St. Nick. We managed. Christmas morning Kenleigh woke us up to see what Santa brought. Or she woke us up to eat…it is all a blur. We got ready and headed to my mom’s house. This was also good times. Again, fun to see the family! By now the girlie was getting tired and was done with all the people. She basically lost it. That was good enough reason for me to agree to hit the road. We got home and just relaxed the rest of the day….relaxed by putting all her entirely too fun toys together. Now that was good times! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Oh Good Times!

So Zach and I thought it would be fun to get Kenleigh’s pictures taken professionally for Christmas. We had several reasons. She has way cute outfits that she’ll never have any reason to wear. She can wear them once, get the picture taken and never have to see it again. It’s fine. Works for me. She’s the cutest baby ever so why wouldn’t we put it on film every chance we got? And of course, we wanted to do some sort of gift for our parents for Christmas with Kenleigh’s pictures. So a couple weeks before Christmas we made an appointment. We narrowed it down to only two outfits. We napped her, fed her, changed her, and anything else you can think of to make a happy baby. Boy did we succeed. We had about the happiest baby on the planet; and boy was she cute! Well we got to the place and I notice that her eyelids are about as red as you could imagine. Our darling munchkin as you know is a red head. This generally means a bit of fair skin will be involved. Bless her heart – this means if she is tired it will show, whether she knows it or not. The place that was doing her pictures said they did not photo shop. I couldn’t figure out why her eyes were so red. She slept a ton. She was so happy. But it just wasn’t right. What kind of mom would I be to allow these pictures to take place? She just wouldn’t forgive me. So….we rescheduled for the next day. Even better – we napped her, fed her, changed her, and anything else you can think of to make a happy baby. Ha – Success! She was so happy and so darling. We decided to change it up…we used outfit two first this time. We got to the place and we were all ready. The photographer introduced himself and the conversation to follow goes something like this…

Photographer: How does she do on her tummy?

Me: Tummy? Um, ok if you're QUICK. (I really emphasized quick.)

Photographer: Hand her over…….

He puts her on the set ON HER TUMMY, positions her (so cute I’ll add) and then goes and fiddles with his camera for I’m not even kidding what felt like 3 minutes. That’s a long time in infant land. She was ready…and then she wasn’t. It was just too long. She started crying followed by screaming. Nothing calmed her except walking out. Zach walked out, calmed her down and we tried again. The second she saw the photographer she started screaming again. Actually it became pretty funny. She would only cry when she would look at him. Smart little girlie. I told him what makes her mad and he didn’t want to listen. After the second night of trying we gave up. We decided we’ll try again and have her pictures done next month. I posted pictures of her two cute outfits though since now they will likely go to waste! Sorry, the date on my camera is wrong!

Outfit 1 - Darling!

Outfit 2 - Too cute!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

KMae Rolls!!!

Kenleigh rolled over today for the first time. I attached a video below. *Disclaimer ~ Please excuse my high pitched voice. I was super excited and I had no idea how I sounded on video. My acting career never took off. Though the dream has never died. Oh, enough about me. Back to the girlie. I was telling Zach last night that I thought she was getting close and low and behold...only a day later. She's such a big girl. I was hoping she would roll over on video and then get so excited with me...instead she rolled over and was done. She finishes off with a yawn. Time for bed! She seriously is the light of our lives. We keep wondering what we ever did before her. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

3 Months Old

Today Kenleigh is 3 months old. I seriously can’t believe how quick time is flying. My first trimester seemed to be the longest three months of my life. I love being a mother more.than.anything! I can’t imagine anything in life that feels more rewarding. It felt like it was a tough adjustment period for me for a little while. Kenleigh was pretty fussy early on and I wasn’t sure when that would ever end. I didn’t know the right ways or the quickest ways to calm her. I am her mother and I didn’t know the right ways to calm her. This was hard. I felt like my entire life stopped so I could take care of this little girl. For a long time I felt like I couldn’t leave the house or even function in the outside world. I was constantly stressed. All while loving my new little girl. A few people had mentioned that I seemed different. Of course I was different. My entire life just changed. Yet some felt that I didn’t seem as happy as I was. This made me sad. I didn’t want to be different. I didn’t even realize I was different. Looking back though I was. I was just as happy – I was happier actually. I just didn’t know how to emulate it. Of course in a quick conversation is seemed obvious but those around me closer sensed my level of stress. I’m not really sure if it was post partum depression. I’m sure to an extent it was. I know that it was a huge release of hormones into my body all at once along with a huge life change. It was scary, it was stressful, it was amazing. Over the last several weeks I personally have noticed a change. I enjoy Kenleigh even more. I didn’t know it was possible. We are figuring each other out. I calm her now – she wants me. We have our own touches with each other. I enjoy her differently. I enjoy her constantly. I stress less. My emotions are level. She’s my blessing. An incredible blessing. My life doesn’t feel like it’s adjusting anymore. I’m a mother. I will always be a mother. I’m sad it took me a while to figure out how to be a mother. To some it is very natural, for me I had to adjust. This shouldn’t have surprised me. I still burn toast. Of course it wouldn’t come easy. Not for me! I still burn toast but now I’m a lucky, lucky mom!
Anyway, Kenleigh was so excited for her three month birthday that I think she woke up every hour the night before. Actually I know she did. This morning Zach got Kenleigh up and let me sleep in for a bit. I guess he had plans of his own to celebrate. When I woke up I came downstairs and Zach and KMae were nowhere to be found…they must be in the basement. That was out of character. We haven’t hung out down there since she was born. Literally. I went to see what they were up to and this is what I found. Zach was down there entertaining her with a little Xbox. I seriously laughed so hard. She was so content lying on her play mat watching him play. They were bonding. It was cute. Father-daughter morning in our house was fun. I let them be.
For the last couple of weeks our good little sleeper has become a bad little sleeper. I’m not really sure what happened. She used to wake up only once a night for a quick bottle and was back to bed. Lately she has been up 2-3 times a night and sometimes (too often) more. I think in the next few weeks we are going to try some sleep training with her if we can’t get her back on track. Not sure how that will go. Here are a few more updates.
*She is still smiling a lot and laughing. She has even started belly laughing. Not a ton but when she does it I can’t help but crack up myself.
*She still hates tummy time. Any suggestions?
*She still hates being in the car. She has gotten better but it’s totally random on if she’s going to scream or not…more screaming than not still.
*She is ok to not be rocked to sleep for her naps anymore. Now I just put her in the swing at naptime and she goes right to sleep.
*She is the SLOWEST eater on the planet. I have tried faster nipples and she chokes. She just likes to eat slowly. She's dainty!
*She pays more attention to her toys and is actually entertained by them.
*She has discovered her hands. She is always staring at them and sucking on them.
*She pulls on my hair.
*She is starting to drool a ton.
*She’s still perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving

I have to say Thanksgiving was a little different for us this year with having Kenleigh and all. At the very least it gave us that much more to be thankful for. In general I have always hated Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong – I’m fully aware of the meaning of Thanksgiving. I get it. I’m thankful. I’m thankful for so much. I try to remember all year everything I am thankful for. For example: I’m thankful for Thanksgiving because I get another day off work, a long weekend, and time with family and friends. Yeah right until they fall asleep on me. Brings me to one of the reasons I’m not a fan of the holiday. EVERYONE sleeps…so lame! Seriously, we never get together and we finally do and now you want to sleep? We eat food that in my opinion is top of the line gross. It’s true, Thanksgiving feasts are not my favorite. Not even close. I’m not sure why…really, I’m not. The napping though, I still can’t get over the napping. I can count on maybe one hand the number of naps I’ve taken in my adult life…I think those were all during my first trimester of pregnancy. Basically what I’m saying is that I didn’t choose to nap. My body kept shutting down…it just did it…all on its own. I couldn’t nap if I tried. So while y’all are napping I’m sitting around twittling my thumbs in front of a television of football. Oh I can’t change the channel. Inevitably someone will complain. Even though I know they were napping minutes before. This year though was different. I had Kenleigh. She has no problem entertaining me while everyone else is napping. I’m thankful for Kenleigh. I’m thankful for my new little family.
This year we went to my mom’s house early and hung out there for a while. Kenleigh was a huge hit. She is so cute…so, so cute. Not sure if I mentioned how cute she is. My nieces Launa and Teiha are always so fun with her. I’ve been a little protective and haven’t let them hold her so I decided to give in on Thanksgiving. You know – give them something more to be thankful for. I’m thinking Kenleigh wishes I wouldn’t have given in. As soon as I handed her over she had had it and she was sure to let them know! After my mom’s we went to Zach’s parents for dinner. Just the five of us…it was a quiet night. But no naps – more to be thankful for! Now onto Christmas. I love Christmas!

Launa and Kenleigh - Launa cuddles even through the screams!

Teiha and Kenleigh

Our little family

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My morning girl!

This is how Kenleigh wakes up every single morning. It's the best!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two Months Old

So sad I forgot to take the mittens off!
Kenleigh is two months old today. That is absolutely crazy for me to say. I thought the last two months of my pregnancy would never end and yet here I am two months in to motherhood. Best role I’ve ever played for sure! Kenleigh is such a joy in our lives; we really cannot get enough of her. I only have just over three weeks left before I have to go back to work and it’s seriously breaking my heart. If anyone out there knows of part time or just more than part time work that I could get insurance please shout it out to me! I’ll do anything to go back with flexible hours!!! Zach hates it enough that he has to be away from her; we can’t imagine how it’s going to feel when I go back. Good thing we have a good babysitter. Thanks Amy! Kenleigh had her two month appointment on Monday. Everything looks great. At two weeks she weighed 7 lbs 13 oz (50th percentile) and was 20.5” long (75th percentile). At two months she weighed 9 lbs 14 oz (40th percentile) and is 22” long (70th percentile). So she is still long and lean! She had her shots and those have not been very fun. I have heard to expect them to be fairly fussy for few days and lose their appetite. She has done both. She is pretty fussy and wants to eat but when I give her the bottle she really fights it. She still eats it but it takes triple the normal time to get down. It makes me so sad. She LOVES her daddy. She had such a fussy day yesterday and as soon as dad came home he had her laughing and smiling for so long. It was really cute. Zach is great at coming home and taking over for me for a bit so I can get some other stuff done. I may take this next part back eventually but as of right now she is a great night time sleeper. She sleeps in her crib (alone!) and has since 6 weeks. I have to say ‘alone’ because this was really hard for me. I knew I had to go back to work when she was 12 weeks old and I wanted the transition to be as seamless as possible. I knew I wanted her in her room by then so I figured 6 weeks should be enough time. I am super paranoid and don’t do very well with her being without me so for the first few nights we pulled the mattress off the spare bed and put it on her floor next to her crib. It was a rough few nights. Then a few people told me she probably sensed I was there (I smell so yummy) and relied on that. I finally decided to get out of her room. Don’t worry, our room down the hall just still seemed too far away so I camped out in the room across from hers. It’s closer. After a few nights I missed Zach so I talked him into sleeping in there with me. After night one in a full size bed he was done. He convinced me to come home. I did it…for a week (almost) I have been in my own bed and Kenleigh in hers. It’s nice to have night talk again with the hubby…I missed him! It’s getting easier. I’m still up super late checking on her a million times but I finally fall asleep. She was fairly scheduled during the day. She ate every three hours with her last bottle at 8 p.m. then off to bed until 8 the next morning. However the last few days she has wanted to eat more often but the same amount of food. I tried to up her ounces to keep the every three hours but I’m thinking it isn’t working. She’d still like more often. Maybe a growth spurt. She just had one of those though so who knows? Either way, what Kenleigh wants she gets! Here are a few more updates:
*She lost most the hair she had when she was born but it’s filling back in…so cute and still red!
*She smiles a lot and is really starting to talk. She laughs and smiles the very most when I go in to get her out of her crib in the morning still. Cracks me up!
*She holds her head up so well but still fights tummy time. I think I’ll give her a rest for awhile.
*She HATES being in the car. I don’t think it’s so much her car seat though. She’s fine until she’s locked in the car!
*During her daytime naps she likes me to rock her to sleep and then I’m ok to put her in the swing.
*She still has the hiccups a lot but not as often.
*She is still just perfect!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, I Love Her!

Kenleigh is eight weeks old today. That’s crazy. I can’t believe that I have a two month old. Oh how I love her. I’m going to attempt writing a blog but I’m not sure it won’t take hours. Let’s have some fun and just see. Right now it’s 1:03 p.m. on Thursday. I feel like I can’t get on the computer anymore because I’m always attending to Kenleigh. I have a feeling it’s not supposed to be this way though…or maybe it is. The only computering I do these days is on my phone. I have decided to put K-Mae in her bouncy seat and sit her at my feet. Is it gross that my foot is bouncing her chair (on top of the vibrating and white noise it’s doing on its own) just to see if I can write a post? Anyhow her it goes…I’m having emotional debates internally I do believe. We have had some rough roads with fussiness (which I’ll explain in her two month blog post) but all in all I’d say we have a pretty content baby. She is very scheduled in her eating and then I try and play with her for a bit before she takes a nap. *Note – K-Mae wasn’t having the bouncy seat…it’s now Monday morning at 9:22. Anyway, here was the problem. Kenleigh sleeps great at night but doesn’t nap anywhere but her swing during the day. Well lately I have been feeling guilty because she looks so cute, yet lonely over in her swing even though she is sleeping; so I pick her up. For some reason I think she’ll continue her nap on me or on her boppy where I don’t feel like I’ve abandoned her. Well, that never happens. Instead I just make her mad – in turn stopping me from getting anything done. All the adults in my life have recently told me to LEAVE THE BABY IN THE SWING. I guess if that’s where she sleeps I shouldn’t feel like I have abandoned her; she’ll cry if she needs me. Nice huh? Took me a while to figure that out! So….on to the real story I’m here to blog about.
I have always been told that babies love the car. If you have a fussy baby take her for a car ride. Yeah right. Who came up with that? It certainly doesn’t work for us. K-Mae will be incredibly content…we put her in the car seat and she chills…we put her in the car and all bets are off. She HATES the car. Last Sunday Zach and I wanted to go up to Park City Outlets and get her some cute outfits. We thought we’ll feed her first and by the time we get there she’ll surely be zonked out. It’s a good 25-30 minute drive. We were so wrong. She cried THE ENTIRE WAY. I’m not even kidding you. Then she was just mad. She wasn’t about to allow shopping to go on. I finally sat her down and explained to her that the shopping was for her; that she’d be voted best dressed if she’d let us shop. She finally agreed under a few conditions. Zach had to let me do the shopping while he held her facing forward close to the front door so she could look out at all times all while he was pacing back and forth. It’s true, we conceded. I shopped like I was on Shop Til You Drop. So fast… I went to check out and oh man…that woman at the checkout didn’t stop. She talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked (annoying huh?). That’s what she did. Zach begged K-Mae to cry so the woman would get the hint. She didn’t instead K-Mae sat there so content. Her timing is impeccable. So after a long…30 minutes…of Shop Til You Drop we thought surely she was worn out and the drive home would be relaxing. It wasn’t. She cried THE ENTIRE WAY. Poor girlie. But her clothes sure are cute!!! Here are a few pictures of my darling.

This is the day I tried to bounce her with my foot while I computered.

This is her getting ready to be buckled in her car seat. Happy as long as she isn't going to be put in a car!

How cute is she so tiny in her huge crib?

Waving hello from the bumbo!

Thanks Mom for finally taking me out of the dreaded bumbo!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Month Old

Wow, I can’t believe it. A month with Kenleigh has already come and gone. She turned one month old yesterday. She has been such a joy to have around. I am however definitely ready to get out of the house a little for the remainder of my maternity leave and explore the world that has almost been foreign to me. Here is a few things Kenleigh has been up to:
*Sleeping – during the day, not at night. However, now she has developed colic or reflux or something…she cries pretty much always if she isn’t eating or sleeping. I take her to her pediatrician tomorrow to check for reflux. Poor girlie.
*She loves light. It’s funny to leave the room with the light on and go into somewhere dark. She’ll turn her head as far as possible to keep looking at the light.
*Her eyes are still gray. The never did go blue (in my opinion). We are hoping they turn green.
*She loves taking a bath – she hates getting out!
*Her neck is getting really strong. She likes to hold her head up by herself whenever possible and look around.
*We think she is smiling more just because…not because of gas.
*She recognizes our voices. When I’m gone and come into the room she gets really excited…this excites me.
*She loves to be rocked but hates her swing…great!
*She has the hiccups about three times a day.
*She got her first real baby acne yesterday on her one month birthday.
*Her hair is still red but is falling out quick. I'm excited to see if it comes back red.
*She’s pretty much perfect!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kenleigh Mae Howarth

Born August 29, 2009 @ 6:33 p.m. - 7 lb. 2 oz., 19.5"

Kenleigh Mae has arrived. I think I say in all my posts that I ramble way too much. Once again I’m sorry this is so long, I like details! I’ll attempt to spare you the minute by minute. My last Doctor’s appointment was Tuesday, 08/25 and I left with absolutely nothing to report…nothing – 39 weeks and still no progress. This time I wasn’t down. I knew that Kenleigh was healthy and when she was ready she would come. I finished the week feeling like my normal self. Stefanie’s wedding was set for the 29th and I was in her line. Zach and I went to Clinton Friday night for a BBQ dinner they had to give everyone a chance to get acquainted. It was a ton of fun and lots of just relaxing. We got home around 11:30 p.m. and went straight to bed. As I was going to sleep I felt like saying to Zach, “something feels different”. I pretty much felt different my whole pregnancy so I figured it was nothing. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and knew I was having contractions. Nothing too strong and not super regular; the hours went by and they got worse and worse. My breathing through them finally woke Zach up. I told him I thought I was in labor and he thought we needed to go right away. I told him that I won’t be that girl that gets sent home and I wanted to do my labor as long as possible at home. He left to work around 7:30; around 10 I couldn’t take it anymore. The labor and delivery nurse said not to come in until my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and a minute long. They were only 3-6 minutes apart and about 45 seconds long. At that point I didn’t care. I called Zach and had him come get me – even if just to take me in for a pain shot to help me relax. We got to the hospital around 11 and by then my contractions were exactly where they wanted them to be. One nurse checked me and I was barely dilated, not even a 1 yet. She thought they would have to send me home but had us walk for an hour to see if there was progress and not false labor. 30 minutes into the hour I was buckled on the floor crying with each contraction (I was a baby having a baby)…sad huh? We got back to the room and no progress with dilating, however, I had softened. She was able to work some things out (um, down there) and get me admitted. YES!!! It was around 2:00 p.m. that they gave me my epidural at about a 2+ and broke my water 30 minutes later – still a 2+. At 3:45 they checked me again, still 2+ so they decided to start me on pitocin. 45 minutes later 2 nurses rushed in because Kenleigh’s heart rate wouldn’t stableize; I was a 5+. They said when a mother labor goes that quick the baby doesn’t generally handle it well. They took me completely off pitocin. They checked me one hour later and I was a 9+…I couldn’t believe how quick that all happened with only 45 minutes of pitocin. I was so excited and so scared I couldn’t stop crying. The doctor got their around 6 and I started pushing around 6:15. After 3 contractions of pushing Kenleigh was born at 6:33 p.m. I have never in my life cried so hard. She is amazing. She is amazing. She is amazing! I thank God every minute for the most precious gift on earth. She is amazing. Zach wanted a boy so bad for our first child. He came to terms quickly that we were having a girl but of course still wanted his boy. Now, he says he can’t even imagine what it would have been like to have a boy. He is so addicted to her. He holds her every chance he gets and hasn’t watched TV in days because he can’t stop staring at her. Oh we are so lucky. Pictures are below.
Zach's first picture with Kenleigh
Kenleigh and me hanging out
More hangout time
Kenleigh in her coming home outfit (love it)
Zach and Kenleigh - He can't put her down
(*the wet spot on the couch is her first poop on Zach and other items - too funny)
Doing what she does second best - Chillin'. First best is sleeping during the day!

Seriously? Could she be any cuter? Um, NO!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

38 Week Update...Long

I think this might be the first time I’ve given an update on my doctors’ appointments. Hmm, I should have started this sooner. So Monday Zach and I went for my appointment and boy did it leave me feeling sad and scared. I’ve been measuring a touch small on the outside from probably the first appointment that I got measured at; usually around 2 weeks. My doctor said it could just be my “good abs” (ha ha ha) and as long as I measure within two weeks or less there will be no cause for concern. He reminded me at each appointment that I was still 2 weeks small and again no big deal until 3. I went in for my 37 week appointment last week. You guessed it – still measured 2 weeks small. No big deal. However, no progression….most of you know what I’m referring to. As well, sweet Kenleigh hasn’t even dropped yet and until she does – no progression. My doctor had said that because she was so little he had a sneaking feeling I’ll likely go past my due date. Yay. I left as a Debbie Downer. I really did and I’m not apologizing for it either! So I go in on Monday for my 38 week appointment. I told Zach I just knew that I’d have no progression and I won’t be sad about it. I decided ahead of time to come to terms with it. *This next part is a secret*…please do not tell Zach. The REAL story is that I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt (I’ll blog about this SHADOW OF A DOUBT stuff later – who says stuff like this and what the H does it mean?) that I was going to show some progression. Mom’s instinct I guess. Am I a mom yet? Better yet has the instinct kicked in? I get my blood pressure taken and it’s gone up a touch. Not sure why (probably because of this secret I have been keeping). Then the doctor listens to Kenleigh’s heart beat. Oh it was so cute. I actually think she said “love you mommy” too since she knew all ears were on her. Then he measured me….What?? I was only measuring at 34 weeks. It really freaked me out. Last week I measured 35 weeks, how did I shrink? Now I'm 4 weeks small - a freaking month. He said she probably dropped in to position. This excited me…remember the secret I just told…I knew she had! He checked the internals and nope, no ma’am she had in fact not gone anywhere. Still up in the ribs! On top of that, no further progression. You have got to be kidding me. I left that appointment feeling really down and out. I tend to talk a lot…by a lot I mean Zach has learned the courtesy response like y’all would not believe. The drive home was quiet. I didn’t want to call family, I didn’t feel I had anything to report. He finally asked what was wrong I just cried. My poor baby, why is she so little? Thank God I have a sister-in-law who is not only amazing and always says the right things but she’s a Labor & Delivery nurse as well. She made me feel so much better…at least for a minute. I was extra scared because my darling cousin gave birth to her little Luke in June early because of IUGR. I just couldn’t shake the idea that I would go through the same thing (my heart breaks that she had to). She’s a saint – saints can handle trials. I’m not sure I could. Long story short…is it too late at this point to be considered short? I went in for an ultrasound on Tuesday so they could measure Kenleigh as well as my fluid levels. Everything measured out perfectly. Now I intend to live out the remainder of my pregnancy with gratitude and I’m leaving Debbie Downer home. Most of her anyway. I’m not at all bitter or upset or sad or mad or angry or frustrated or irritated or mad or bitter or mad or annoyed or upset that according to my doctor I will likely go past my due date. He said if I get to a week late he’ll induce me. This doesn’t make me mad. It doesn’t. Seriously. It really doesn’t. Mostly it doesn’t. I am just grateful that in no less than 2 ½ weeks I get to meet my little girlie.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost Forgot...

I couldn't help but add the blury picture of Kenleigh's dresser (hamper to the right) and I also added another one of her name, the letters sit right above her dresser!

**original post started below.

It's About Time!!!

My Mama is going to be so proud. I’m finally putting up pictures of Kenleigh’s nursery. Now I know it looks like I got a little too detailed (hi, I’m posting pictures of inside her dresser) but I wanted to make sure to show my parents EVERYTHING since they don’t get to be here right away. All the pictures are below. Now for a little update…well, I’ve got nothing. I’m 37 weeks pregnant yesterday. I went to the doctor on Friday and I wasn’t dilating or effacing at all. She hasn’t even begun to drop yet. He said until that happens I will have no progress. So now we wait. At first I was a little sad but now I’m just ready to be patient and wait it out. The nursery is done, her laundry is done. I cleaned the entire house yesterday and today from top to bottom. Washed every piece of bedding, rugs, and decorative towels. I literally can’t think of anything else to do. Best part is that after all of that I feel great! We are getting so excited to meet Kenleigh. The hardest part is just waiting to see what she looks like. My doctor said since it’s my first baby I’ll have to make it to one week past my due date before he’ll consider an induction. So I potentially have four weeks left. At least I know that’s at most! Anyway, wish I had more to write but I don’t. Enjoy the pictures!

This is right when you walk in

This picture is above the chair, casts of her first hand and footprints go here.
Her crib and some wall decorations

Her valance and diaper hanger

close up of her crib

her bedding

close up of decorations

her lamp

clothes (in order of her age)

onesies, pajamas, hats, socks

receiving blankets and burp cloths

diapers and such



car seat and base

high chair

pack n' play/bassinet with changing top


me at 37 weeks pregnant
I just noticed I never took a picture of her dresser as a whole, it's a set with the crib so they match. I also didn't get her cute pink hamper so picture a cute pink hamper!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Atlanta Trip...Finally!

I’m finally writing about my trip to Georgia to see my family. It’s been all too long and I fear this post could be just that, all too long. Pull up a chair, kick your feet up (unless you’re me and you have no flexibility left) and relax!

I got to Atlanta late afternoon on Friday the 15th. Right when I walked out of the airport mama was there pulling up. It’s like our minds were synced perfectly for timing. Shocker! We didn’t waste a second. We started getting caught up right away on what’s new…there wasn’t much. We talk all the time. However, apparently we couldn’t shut our yaps. We were so preoccupied with talking that we almost died. I know, I’m generally a dramatic person so you may not believe me. I’m not even kidding though. See the pictures for proof. Or at least imagine these pictures are proof. We were at a red light right behind a train track. The light turned green and we were going to turn left. There was a truck or van that had to go through the light first though so we could yield to them. They WOULDN’T go….Mama was getting so annoyed. He just kept pointing at something our way. Um okay dude, we can’t read your mind – go or we’ll cut you off and go ourselves. Pregnant girl on board must get to a bathroom. We went, he flashed us and honked (I believe, that could be my dramatic nature making things up, but I really think he did something). RIGHT after we drove over the train tracks and turned left we heard the train. We narrowly escaped the wrath. We looked back and the warning bars were already down with the flashers going full speed. We have no idea how we got through the tracks without getting hit by the bars coming down. The kind man in the vehicle, what – he is kind now, that wouldn’t allow us to yield to him was pointing at the train!!! Oh we laughed.laughed.laughed. Mama asked me not to mention anything to dad, why bother with a lecture? We know where we went wrong! It lasted a day, we couldn’t keep it from him!

This is the light that we had to turn left at, apparently he didn't want to get hit by a train!

These are the tracks that dad narrowly escaped having to add our memorials to.

This might sound like I’m being judgmental but I assure you I am not. I’m simply stating the obvious. Atlanta is a country all on their own. Ask Teiha. Though, I love it out there the culture just isn’t the same. We went to Dairy Queen the night I got there – or another night, who cares – we literally couldn’t understand the sweet woman. She was so nice she even told us to “hab a goob bay.” I think that’s what she said. It was a nice change from the Dairy Queen in Asheville where my bully worked. Ugh, my parents sent ME every time to get our after dinner ice cream because they loved watching me get threatened, my bully really wanted to beat me up. Rude…way rude.

On Sunday Jarod and Lindsay invited us over for a BBQ. First we were going to an event that Lindsay had put together for the new company she is starting. Mama bought me a pedicure – heaven, and Jarod and Lindsay bought mama a manicure for Mother’s Day. It was a good time relaxing and eating a bagel…and by “a bagel” I mean several bagels. Well, me anyway! Before we went into Atlanta though we stopped at Babies R Us because my sweet parents wanted to buy my pack n’ play for Kenleigh. It’s soooo cute, I can’t wait to show pictures. Unfortunately for pops it took a while in the store…and luckily for him they had a million gliders that he could sleep in. Right as we were getting ready to leave father decided that he wanted to share with the rest of us what he concluded after many minutes of lying in the glider. His exact words to the rest of us, “I bet a lot of pregnant women shop here.” Could we start calling him captain obvious – or is that too obvious?

I had so much fun while I was there. I missed Zach and got a touch home sick for him but I’m glad I went. Thanks mama for helping me FINALLY complete my registry. I didn’t even come home and delete it either this time. I love you guys so much!!