Sunday, June 13, 2010

9 Months Old!

So I'm a little late...Kenleigh turned 9 months old a couple weeks ago. We took her for her 9 month appointment the Monday before the 29th. She's still so little but the doctor said she's hanging in there so no concerns for her eating yet. She's 28.2" long and weighs 17.1 lbs. Her weight was under 25% and height was above 75% so still long and lean. Kenleigh is getting so much fun to play with. She's been fun for us since the day she was born but she's really getting ineractive. She's really become quite the additction for both me and Zach. I seriously walk in her room and look at her sleeping countess times a night. I could literally stare at her all night if I didn't need my own sleep. Here are some more of her latests.

  • Crawling. She crawls so fast it makes us laugh. Up until lately it's been your standard crawl and the last little while she speed crawls. it's pretty cute to watch.

  • She still won't sit still. She's kind of a monster. She's into everything and trying to climb on everything. It's gotten pretty difficult to keep her from hurting herself.

  • She stands up to anything and lately she's starting to turn from one furniture piece to the other without really thinking about it.

  • She still only has her two bottom teeth. 

  • She still isn't the greatest eater. She has good days but many, many bad days. Not a bottle, sippy cup or baby food fan. I haven't found many regular foods she'll chow down on either. As I mentioned above doc isn't too worried as of yet!

  • She says mamamamama and dadadadda. We like to think she's referring to us but are told it's not true yet. She says a lot of other babble too but those are our favorites.

  • She's still sleeping through the night on her own. Anywhere between 11 and 12 hours. It's WONDERFUL!

  • She claps her hands together and loves to play "so big". 

  • She loves to be upside down.

  • She loves to be chased. She thinks it's so funny to crawl away from us and she keeps looking back to see if we are chasing her. When we start to she just gives up, falls to her defeat and giggles. It's the best!

  • She still loves her baths...really any water. We took her to Logan a few weeks ago and took her in the pool at the hotel. It was way too cold for Zach and me to swim in but Kenleigh had no problems with the freezing temperatures. She really could have spent all day in the pool Zach and I just couldn't do it. Next time little girl, next time. 

  • She points at anything that interests her. So cute!

  •  Kenleigh at Grandma's on Memorial day just tossing toys out of the toy drawer!

    She doesn't even look at them first she just picks up and tosses.

     We put them back in and she starts all over!

    Swinging at Grandma's...her latest favorite!