Monday, May 3, 2010

8 Months Old!

Kenleigh Mae turned 8 months old last week. She’s seriously getting so big. Her personality is really starting to shine through. I missed her 7 month post so I’ll post a little about the last two months.
• She is officially crawling. Still really slow, but getting the hang of it.
• She stands holding on to anything. Sometimes she lets go and turns from one ottoman to the other without thinking about it. Other times she face plants.
• She eats like crazy – not that you would know from her size. She eats mum mums and Gerber puffs and feeds herself. She eats any fruits and vegetables we give her. Although it took a while to get her to eat any fruit.
• She loves to be in her bouncer. She bounces on our laps or the couch whenever possible.
• She is talking a ton. Sometimes I’m convinced she is trying her hardest to tell me something.
• She really loves her daddy.
• She still loves her baths. We are going on a couple trips in the up coming weeks and we are excited to see how she does in cold water swimming pools.
• She has two bottom teeth.
• She gets into everything she can. If it’s not meant to be played with she’ll find a way.
• She is starting to explore more so it’s hard to keep her from getting bumps and bruises.
• She’s a true red head (feisty). We sure love it though. She gets a lot of attention for her red hair.
• She is finally an amazing sleeper. When we got home from Georgia we were going to try crying it out for a week to see if we could just get her sleeping once and for all. The first night we took away the night time feeding, swaddling, and rocking her to sleep. We put her right down and not a peep was made. I knew the other shoe would drop within a few hours. Nothing…no crying. She didn’t wake up once. It’s been two months and there are no changes to report. She was seriously just ready. It was perfect. She sleeps from about 7:30-8 to 7:30-ish. Almost 12 hours straight. I have no complaints. I do still go in there every time I wake up just to look at her. She’s seriously the cutest little sleeper.
Enjoy a couple more pictures!
Her current position of choice. Too cute!

Here is the first time she took a nap without a swaddle!