Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three-Year Anniversary

Friday was me and Zach’s three year anniversary. I’m not sure if we are still considered “newlyweds” or not. Some say if you are married two years or more you are no longer newlyweds and some say you are if you are married 5 years or less. I’m not sure who write the rules but I’d like to speak to him/her. I’m curious what justifies a newlywed. I say we will always be newlyweds because we will always make sure it feels “new”. Wow, that was just really sweet of me. I knew it was in there. Anyway, we don’t have any tradition per se; we just like to go to a nice restaurant and whatever else. Since I have met Zach I’ve been known to be a story teller. Whatever, fine…some would say it started long before I met Zach. Anyway, he seriously believes anything I say. I would say over the last year he has started calling my bluff but I can get him to recant that pretty quick if I try hard enough. So a couple of days ago I asked Zach if he has done any anniversary shopping lately. He said something like, “why, you think it takes months or something?” I told him that with the budget we set for each other he might of wanted to start early (this is funny because we have never discussed anniversary gifts…we just do whatever). He thought I was being serious, like maybe we really gave each other a budget. I told him that we talked about it a while ago and we agreed to spend at least $300 on each other this year since it’s year three and I think it needs to be special. He believes me…does he seriously think that I really want $600 spent for our anniversary? I felt really bad because his face was something of shock and disbelief. I’m usually begging him not to get me anything because I honestly don’t understand the point behind it. Well anyway, I told him I was kidding because I was feeling bad. He did give me some fabulous roses and we went to dinner at Spencer Steak & Chops or something. It was so tasty!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Education...

It’s no secret that I am in school right now trying to better my future…or not better my future. Why you ask would I possibly be risking “not bettering my future”? Well the longer I’m in school I’m starting to wonder how educational school has really been for me. Maybe it’s me and maybe I’m missing something from the syllabus’ but as far as I can recall there are some things I have yet to learn. Who knows, maybe this particular piece of information I’m yearning for doesn’t come until senior year. Since none of my college professors find it necessary to teach me I must come to you. Can anyone please explain to me the phrase…or word…or words…”believeyoume”? Is it “believe-you-me”, just plain “believe you me”, or “believe, you, me”? So that’s the first question, my next question is what does it mean? I caught myself at work the other day accidently using this word, words, or phrase. I was so irritated. I think if I had the option I would have left work early. I could not believe this had just come out of my mouth. That moment really solidified for me that sometimes I just don’t know what the H I’m talking about. Seriously, why would I even say that when I don’t know what it even means? I asked around and I’m pretty sure I used it in the correct context and yet no one could tell me what that context is. Are you serious? I wanted to throw up; I still want to throw up. Yesterday morning I went to my human anatomy class and asked my teacher to better educate me and he laughed like I was insane? Ok, sure…he teaches Anatomy and not English but aren’t they supposed to get their generals complete in school before they become teachers? How did he not at least learn this? ANY information and/or thoughts are heavily requested here. I’m seriously losing sleep…

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is minor addiction always a bad thing?

I ask this because I think I have developed a minor addiction. This has done nothing for me except boost my self esteem. Tel l me how that can be bad…(hey dad, if you are reading this try to remember that not everything that goes through your head needs to be said out loud). There are a few others this bit of advice might be useful for as well, you know who you are! We have this fun place in Salt Lake called Boondocks and let me tell you I have become addicted. I’m like a child again…and some would say “again” isn’t really appropriate to use here. Anyway, Zach and I go and race the racecars and my discovery is that I am really good at it. I told my mama that I would post a picture but even though I took my camera I was too busy kicking butts to take the picture. I’m not generally a competitive person but for some reason if you put me in these cars all bets are off. We went last Saturday with some friends and I got out in front and there was this car tailing me so bad that he kept hitting my back bumper. I kept hearing this little voice get so annoyed, but I wasn’t going to let up. Not for anyone. When I looked back I could see Zach and our friends dying of laughter but I didn’t know why. I couldn’t see the person that kept hitting me in the back because he was too close. Anyway when the race was over (and I won) Zach and our friends pulled up behind me and I asked them why they were laughing and they pointed to their left and there was this little boy just behind me seriously about to cry. Had I known I was competing with a 7 year old the race may have ended differently. You know, me in 2nd or something. Ok, it’s true, I’m a terrible person…had I known I was competing with a 7 year old I would have still stomped all over him but I might have been yelling sorry during the race instead of hysterical laughter. We all have our faults right? I don’t even see how that 7 year old was over 36 inches anyway. He should have stuck to his little kid track and left to big doggs to do their business!!!

Officially domesticated?

So I have some good updates on my former posts. Today Zach went to his “hip” doctor…not hip as in he’s way cool but hip as in the joint that connects your femur to your pelvis. His doctor said that he is in excellent condition. The weirdest thing happened though through his recovery. His scar tissue traveled from his thigh to his lower back…strange, but doctor Hawes said he will still be swollen for the next six months or so which means the scar tissue can still shrink. Dr. Hawes also said that the hip looks really good in the sense that Zach probably isn’t going to get the necrosis – something something. Something about his hip can still die from lack of blood from the injury and if it did he would have to have total hip replacement. Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, the X-Ray was looking good but just in case he has to go back in March for one last check-up. Keep your fingers crossed that everything continues to go well.
Next – I cooked dinner. It’s true that I occasionally cook but nothing too exciting. This time I cooked without a cook book and no input from my fellow peeps. I tried to call my mom to find out how to make her delicious fried chicken but she was too busy to answer my call so I had to go on…after a moment of tears. Yes, so I cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, corn on the cob and for the hell of it I made onion rings (incredibly healthy) and a sweet potato haystack. Um, interesting mix it’s true. The verdict from Zach was…….DELICIOUS! It was actually kind of fun too. So now I’m wondering if I might not be so bad if I could just learn a thing or two. I do keep telling Zach that if he would buy me one of those things (I think they are actually people) that would come up and do all the prep for me to cook I would cook for him on a more regular basis. Something about those cost money and we aren’t rich. Here’s to hoping...