Monday, February 2, 2009

Yay for good news!!!

I’m back! I’m blogging…my dad says, “it’s about damn time.” January has been a crazy month for me. It turns out I’m pregnant. I say that as though I had no idea…and that’s not true. We planned and it happened so quick I was shocked and excited and shocked, and mostly excited! I found out the day I got to Cancun that I was pregnant. I tested abnormally early and got a positive and couldn’t believe my eyes. God was just telling me a bit early so he could make sure I was extra careful on my trip. Unfortunately I may have been so careful that I didn’t get my full fun out of Cancun. Maybe some day I’ll return and try again. I was a nervous wreck. It is my first child and I wanted this so badly I didn’t know what was acceptable. When we were on the speed boats the ocean was so choppy I kept telling Zach to slow down because I was afraid he was going to knock the baby loose. Poor Zach. When we went zip lining I thought the harness would suffocate the little fella’. I had to decide, me or the baby…well that’s what I thought I was choosing between. Turns out I was too scared to fall so I wouldn’t loosen the harness. I really wanted to though. Also turns out stuff like that doesn’t suffocate babies. If anyone’s unsure about child bearing call me, I’ve researched it all! When we got back from Cancun the sickness kicked it. Thank you for not letting me be sick in Cancun. In the last month I’ve lost about 10 pounds. Maybe a couple of those pounds were lost in Cancun because I was afraid of much of the food. Ok so in January I’ve lost 8 pounds. I love to eat, I loved to eat. I never want to eat again. I really don’t. I have aversions to almost every food known to man. As I sit here there is nothing I can imagine eating that would make me happy. I lied, a lemon. I peel them and eat them like oranges. Those are yummy. Don’t worry hygienists in the family, I brush after! I told my parents the day we got home from Cancun. In dad fashion I heard, “it’s about damn time”. I wonder on days if I’ll get more than that but I think that means “congrats, this grandchild will be my favorite”. Sorry Cori, there’s only room for one! Just kidding, I don’t think Launa or Teiha could get beat out! Anyway, I wanted all my family and friends to hear the good news. I’m 10 weeks today and so excited. The doctor said I was pretty much out of the danger zone so that’s why I’m announcing it now. I know anything can happen so keep us in your prayers. I’m so excited and I feel like at this point in my life I’ve never wanted anything so bad. We had an ultra sound today. I didn’t scan the picture but have a pretty good idea of what I saw so I drew it for you all to get an idea of what my little baby looks like. It’s not to scale, apparently it’s the size of a Brazilian nut. Whatever that size is. That’s according to my weekly pregnancy calendar I get emailed to me! I love you all!!