Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bear Lake

As tradition every year we go to Bear Lake with Zach's entire extended family on his mom's side the last weekend in July. A family reunion if you will. Although, I can't imagine they'd call it such. Anyway, we were pretty excited to take Kenleigh on a little vacation. She really enjoyed the water but unfortunately her mouth enjoyed the sand and seashells more. It made it pretty hard to enjoy ourselves at the lake so we spent a lot of time at the condo and took advantage of the huge amounts of grass and sidewalks!

She didn't mind the water being so cold but hated that stupid hat!
Ah, just catchin' some rays.



Marcy Cheney said...

I really do LOVE all 3 of these last posts! Can't even believe how much she changes from month to month...and really can't wait to see her this weekend. She looks like she's just full of personality and of course I love her wardrobe choices..haha!!! We love y'all and will see you in 4 days..YAY!!!

grams said...

What a joy to read your post, and to enjoy the pictures. Just wish we were closer so we could give that little gal lots of hugs and kisses. we love all three of you

Anonymous said...

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